SilverSTART Salons

Part meetup, part coaching, part workshop, SilverSTART Salons are a curated, guided learning experience for those looking for the support of a tightly knit group along with the guidance of an expert. As needed, we will connect your group with our hand-picked advisors, also Silver Starters.

Your Salon group will meet monthly. We’ll do the leg work setting up the meeting, helping you create the agenda, finding speakers/guests, and arranging for outside expertise as needed. Each group will provide each Silver Starter in it the opportunity to share their successes and challenges in a confidential and supportive forum.

You do not need to be a member of the meetup or have attended a workshop to join a salon.

Each Salon has 6 to 10 members. Membership fees are $99/month. 

How it works:

  1. Click Apply to Join a Salon Now
  2. Fill out the application form – please let us know the stage you are at, your current goals, and a few other details
  3. Based on your business stage, type, and location we’ll place you in a salon


  1. We ask for a 6 month commitment, after that you can cancel with 30 days notice.
  2. No pitching or selling to other members in the Salon
  3. Commitment to attend monthly meetingsĀ 
  4. Commitent to share experiences rather than adviceĀ 
  5. Cost of advisor sessions may be additionally charged

SilverSTART Salons

Is a salon right for you?

Most Silver Starters come into entrepreneurship with a lot of work and life experience but not much experience running a business. There are few hard and fast rules, many decisions to make, and it’s helpful to have a group you can trust and lean on. From talking the big decisions through, hearing from an expert, or sharing an experience, SilverSTART Salons will support and guide you.

Join our SilverSTART advisory panel

When our Salons are looking for advice, we turn to our stable of advisors. Are you an experienced entrepreneur, over 50, and looking for an opportunity to advise Silver Starters? Then apply to join our advisory panel.