What is Silver Start?

SilverSTART is a learning community and support network for people over 50 
who want to start and manage successful mission-driven businesses.

SilverSTART Meetup

SilverSTART hosts a monthly online meetup. Each meeting has a guest Silver Starter who shares their story and perspective. It’s fun, informative, and a great way to build your network. Each session offers time for questions, networking, and fun. Check out our schedule of upcoming meetings and view videos of past meetings.

SilverSTART Workshops

We have designed SilverSTART workshops with you and your particular needs in mind. We know you come to the table with tons of experience. We know you don’t need to be “taught” so much as given space to learn. Our workshops are small, hand-picked groups. They are an engaging mix of group, self-directed, and a one-on-one session. They are geared for quick turnaround success. Join us for our upcoming Taking the Plunge! workshop.

About Us

SilverSTART is the brainchild of two very experienced entrepreneurs and Silver Starters, Karyn Zuidinga & Tim Bramwell. We know what it’s like to start, develop, and grow a business. We are passionate about helping other Silver Starters find their entrepreneurial passion and succeed. Reach out and say hello, we look forward to meeting you!

Latest Meetup

Doing Business in a Post Pandemic World

,Meet Joe Tankersley, founder of Unique Visions and advocate for better tomorrows. Joe delivered a thought-provoking, compelling, practical and, optimistic presentation on how to assess the massive changes going on all around us. By focusing on what’s accelerating, and understanding that the business landscape is moving from an efficiency/productivity lens towards resiliency/equity one, he arms us with powerful tools to chart our future.

:Our poll question for this meeting was 

What do you think will be the BIGGEST IMPACT on your BUSINESS from the pandemic?

My business will fail/is failing/near failing
I have no concerns, nothing has changed
I will not be able to start the kind of business that I wanted to before the pandemic
The pandemic has been good for my business
Increased competition in my space
I see opportunities for local manufacturing
Increase in debt, fear I won't be able to pay it back
Much more flexible working conditions means that I can lower my costs
Can't get the workers back (they are fearful/they prefer being on CERB)
Sales is more challenging now
Joe Tankersley, founder of Unique Visions, futurist, author and former Imagineer
shares his compelling framework for strategic planning. By focusing on what is accelerating, he highlights key trends and opportunities. His talk is remarkably positive.
Joe Tankersley
Founder Unique Visions


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Changing The entrepreneurial culture

"Canadian boomers are incredibly entrepreneurial. Many are turning passion projects into new ventures and leveraging their extensive experience to fuel today's small business economy. At the same time, their spirit and leadership is inspiring the next generation of aspiring millennial entrepreneurs to build on the momentum."

Lori Darlington

Vice-President of Small Business and Strategic Partnerships, RBC

"[A SliverSTART business]  should be mission driven. Isn't it nice to earn some money, but also help people out?" 

You want to start a business NOW? At YOUR Age? Are you CRAZY

Thank you kindly for a wonderful meeting! I really enjoyed it. I will be on the call next month for certain. It’s in my calendar already.

You want to start a business NOW? At YOUR Age? Are you CRAZY

Fantastic meeting, wonderful group. I really enjoyed the energy and will join again.

You want to start a business NOW? At YOUR Age? Are you CRAZY

Really love your positive and optimistic framing for a global “reset”. Thank you Joe, that was a very inspiring look into the future.

Doing Business in a Post Pandemic World

"Amazing and very positive look at what is happening."

Doing Business in a Post Pandemic World

"I thought I was being ridiculous in wanting to start and run multiple business, but it appears it’s not ridiculous, it can be a path to greater resilience!"

Doing Business in a Post Pandemic World

Karyn & Tim, I really appreciate the quality of presentation that you’ve offered us. Thank you!

Doing Business in a Post Pandemic World

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